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“We certainly can not continue, for long, with the exponential rate of growth of knowledge that we have had in the last three hundred years. An even greater limitation and danger for future generations, is that we still have the instincts, and in particular, the aggressive impulses, that we had in cave man days.

Aggression, in form of subjugating or killing other men, and taking their women and food, has had definite survival advantage, up to the present time. But now it could destroy the entire human race, and much of the rest of life on Earth. If race manages to redesign itself, to reduce or eliminate the risk of self-destruction, it will probably spread out, and colonise other planets and stars.”

Stephen Hawking: Life in Universe

In 2005 I came across various audio recordings that contained radiotelephony between Russians as well American astronauts and their ground station. I envy them with all my heart of the view they had. Everyone, who has ever been in the universe seeing our planet more or less as a big blue ball on which swim a few continents, reverently spoke of breathtaking beauty, fragility, and our responsibility.

The piece “Second Earth” picks up this approach. It was not meant to speculate in a musical way how a planet similar to this earth would look like or would sound.      

I think the existence of such a second earth is very likely. I want to take into consideration the question whether we people are able to settle down on such a colony if we ever would find one. This and all upcoming questions arising I would like to pass on to the participating artists.

I don't want to commercialize 50 remixes of the same track and sneak away with millions to Mongolia. It wouldn't work anyway because I don't speak Mongolian at all.

This project has more ideational value. I want to give all participants the opportunity to open up new channels, make friends, find like-minded people, and nevertheless help to find an answer to the central question of this project. Because this question is very existential.

Surely I want to publish all the transformations and remixes in one or another way. I am speaking explicitly of transformations, meaning that I ask you to alternate the original as much as possible. Go on a trip to the second earth and share your discoveries with all the participants and future listeners. There are no borders just as there seem to be none in the universe.

After a ripening of around one year the project has been released at the end of 2008. More than 20 tracks have been produced by artists from all over the world. I like every single one of them. Now have a look @ the participants list and listen to the works. Each artist's page is linked to the artist's myspace.

The project is always open for everyone who wants to participate. You can download the remix package (about 95MB) and send me a track + statement. Contact me via facebook. If you have questions about the workflow, please read the faq first.
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