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frequently asked questions:

Q:   Do you want the whole work compressed, tracked?


No, please send the work uncompressed. Just a good mix
with a level near 0 db. The work should be sent as 16bit wav-file.
I will do some mastering later if it is necessary.

Q:   Is there a deadline for the work?


Q:   Can you say me what's the bpm that you have used for second earth?

A:   The tempo of the original track is 94 bpm.

Q:   What is the statement?



just open your mind and reflect on:

- could there be a second earth?
- how does it look like?
- how does it sound?
- can we reach it?
- do we want to reach it if we could?
- how can we manage this?
- are we able to colonize such a planet?
 (from the technical side maybe, but put a focus
  on the social and society-related side)
- and so on and so on...

tell me what you think about this.
take a step back to watch the whole picture.

please ask if you have more questions.

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